Do I Lose All Indie Cred Because I'm Excited About This?

"It's been ten years since we released Lost & Gone Forever, the album that put us on peoples' radars, helped us graduate from our van to a bus, and taught me to fill my finger cuts with krazy glue.
To celebrate, we're turning the clock back to 1999 and announcing the Lost & Gone Forever Ten Year Anniversary Tour -- 9 very special evenings with Guster. No opener. Two sets, one of which will be the album in its entirety. Yes, even Two Points for Honesty and Rainy Day. I haven't decided if we should play the album in order or in shuffle mode. Any thoughts?"

The final date on that tour will be a show at NYC's Beacon Theatre on Friday, November 27th.

Shut up. You loved them at 15 too.

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  1. Dude. I love this record. I cannot front. Except I was 20.